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Learning From The Past
‘‘WASH THE CRAP out yer eyes” was a thing I heard a lot as a girl, from both parents, sometimes followed by “you can’t see for looking”. This was partly for reasons of survival and safety: I spent my childhood in country Queensland, home to some of t
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Adam LeBor on Television
WHEN A MAN REACHES a certain age, his thoughts to turn to the three G’s — grandchildren, gardening and genealogy. In my case — 59, since you ask — as my teenage children are still at school it’s too soon for the first, and while I love a beautiful ga
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Mystery Of The Clicking Keyboard
ROBIN HOOD. DICK TURPIN. Long Ben. Bonnie and Clyde. Dillinger. There’s something appealing about those individuals who simply say, “Hand it over.” And since the days of Daniel Defoe, crime has certainly paid well for writers. Out of the Ether: The A