Living on Time Sun

When is bedtime? If you don’t have a phone or watch, don’t worry. Inside every living thing is a clock that follows the sun.

Is It Light?

For a long time, people assumed that daylight told animals when to go to sleep or wake up. See light, wake. See dark, sleep. (Or the reverse, if you’re

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The Big Sleep
In a wintry forest, snow lies thick on the ground. The trees are bare. There’s little to eat. But under the snow, a tiny dormouse is curled up in a ball in its nest. Its fluffy tail is wrapped around its body like a blanket. If you peek in, it won’t
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Winter Bees
It’s mostly warmblooded animals that hibernate, but some non-mammals do it too. A queen bumblebee spends the winter underground. Northern garter snakes sleep together in caves, in big piles of hundreds or thousands of snakes. Toads dig burrows. And a
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Dream Discoveries
Many creative people have discovered the power of dreams, which Aristotle called "thinking while asleep." Dreams can spark creative connections that the waking brain overlooks. Often these are just weird. But once in a while, they are brilliant. In