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The American Poetry Review4 min de lecture
Two Poems
The sun is a disaster waiting to happen,The gypsy trombone player starts to blareLa Vie en Rose again, and Hello, Dolly.I turn Fairouz up not to have to listen. The gypsy trombone player starts to blare,today, and yesterday, at noon, at seven.I turn
The American Poetry Review7 min de lecture
I was promised a girl held her glossy image, shatterable, ice skating on a Soviet pond. I’d never seen snow but for the cut out paper flakes hung in school hallways. I only knew rain as intermittent confusion. Los Angeles in the ’80s. We set fire to
The American Poetry Review3 min de lecture
Four Poems
Hooknose, Canada Goose, slit-eyed Toucan.Porch monkey, baboon, trash-talking magpie.I cover my head in adoration, just as you doff your hat.Do not rub my head. Don’t even think about it.I bob as I chant, I pray as I breathe. Does that disgust you?I s