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Taneum Bambrick Vantage

by Taneum Bambrick, winner of the 2019 APR/Honickman, and at other outlets. was chosen by guest judge Sharon Olds.

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The American Poetry Review4 min de lecture
Three Triptychs
Woke to the “meanerror,” of birds squawkinginside the blue-greyblackpolyphonies of whathappens when we losethe terminologyto determine how badthings really are. Wasthere no way to puncturethe agonizing filmthat kept us all corralledhere? I looked thr
The American Poetry Review4 min de lecture
Two Poems
Light delimits the darkness as snowgives shape to the silence of winter trees.Above a rooftop, the shadow of illness hoversindistinguishable from the wraithsof common chimney smoke.Strip skin from flesh, flesh from boneto behold the comical, adumbrat
The American Poetry Review6 min de lecture
Headphone Masterpieces
When poet/singer Gil Scott-Heron and pianist/arranger Brian Jackson entered DB Sound in Silver Spring, Maryland to record Winter in America in October of 1973, the world outside the studio doors was in turmoil. Despite the fact that the U.S. had sign