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Ann-Marie Powell

The author, TV presenter and award-winning garden designer on how the Instagram gardening community inspired her new book

The gardeners on social media restored my gardening mojo during the first lockdown. I’d forgotten how to enjoy

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The English Garden1 min de lectureArchitecture
Snowdrops are happy anywhere in shade and will tolerate most soils, apart from the heaviest clay or the sourest acid conditions. These are hungry plants and will appreciate the application of an annual dressing of bonemeal and leafmould in autumn.
The English Garden1 min de lecture
A Backhouse cultivar with double primrose-yellow petals and a frilly orange centre. A large-cupped daffodil bred by Sarah Dodgson, with creamy-yellow petals and a short, orange-red trumpet. Bred by William Ormston Backhouse, with golden yellow peta
The English Garden1 min de lecture
The English Garden
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