The English Garden

Scent of Success

Scent comes into its own in winter, when it is sweet and arresting in the cold, clear air. One of the best places to seek out scent is Dunham Massey in Cheshire, where the UK’s largest winter garden, designed with help from Roy Lancaster, opened in 2009. There are over 1,600 winter shrubs, trees and evergreens here, chosen for scent, colour and texture, plus carpets of cyclamen, iris and

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The English Garden4 min de lecture
High Society
Often, I dread the gift of plants from others. What if it’s something that doesn’t suit the style of my garden or, worse still, a plant I downright dislike? A couple of years ago as I left the garden of a friend, she pressed a small brown envelope la
The English Garden5 min de lecture
Clean Living
In the cheese room of what used to be a dairy farm in Cheselbourne, Dorset, you’ll find curing racks stacked not with hunks of cheddar or Dorset Blue Vinny, but with petal-scattered soap bars, great orange moulding blocks and countless glass bottles
The English Garden1 min de lectureArchitecture
Snowdrops are happy anywhere in shade and will tolerate most soils, apart from the heaviest clay or the sourest acid conditions. These are hungry plants and will appreciate the application of an annual dressing of bonemeal and leafmould in autumn.