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Your stars for 2021

Signs of the times

As the ripples and repercussions from 2020 spread, this year’s planetary alignment of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct – an event traditionally associated with economic challenges and social unrest – will continue stirring the global disturbances long predicted by astrologers, climatologists and other futurists.

The good news? Uranus, planet of evolution and invention, moving through its seven-year cycle in Taurus, earthiest of the earth signs, speaks loud and clear in nature’s language about the profound need to alter our attitudes towards resources and fall in love again with our planetary home. Homeostasis – the ability to maintain a relatively stable internal state during changes in the outside world – is this year’s most precious personal resource.


MAR 21-APR 21

Big Picture Aries love a challenge, and this year looks like bringing out your best. With the pairing of genial Jupiter and savvy Saturn in your social network sector, 2021 is about upgrading communications, from technology programs to interpersonal software. You’ve already mastered travelling fast alone: this year’s about going further with others.

Money Matters As circumstances change the ways you generate income, keep an open mind. What might seem unusual or peculiar might be opportunity. Start thinking Law of Attraction as in: Read the Food for Thought section below; close your eyes; smile and focus that Aries ingenuity and originality on first-class money magnetising.

Connections Your friendship sector’s busy and blessed this year, with improved communications paying off in an exchange of ideas and support across relationships. Harmonious interactions are especially important in 2021, so developing user-friendly responses to challenging situations will bring comforting, uplifting and sustaining connections.

The Inner You This year’s key takeaway is learning to acknowledge and appreciate your own abilities. Refine your inner dialogue into kinder internal conversations of tenderness and understanding which keep you feeling good and calm even when things aren’t going the way you want.

Food For Thought From Aries poet Marge Piercy’s : New you are crisp as filo dough. Old you are soft as well-worn leather. Come to me, come! I’ll not keep you in a dark trust fund. I’ll turn you out of your cage to sing in the treetops. You would speedily rejoin others of your species. Come, O green and murmuring swarm!

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