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Realme X50 5G

Price: £299 (inc VAT) from

When the Realme X50 Pro made its debut in the first half of last year it redefined expectations for how much a powerful 5G flagship phone should cost these days and now the standard Realme X50 5G is looking to do the same in the mid-range market.

A glance at the spec sheet and the X50 5G has a pretty sizeable overlap with phones at twice its sub-£300 asking price, meaning that although Realme doesn’t yet have the brand recognition of other phone makers, it has the potential to win customers over simply on the impressive price/performance balancing act that this phone appears to strike.


You can’t blame Realme for finding a design that works and sticking with it. On the upside, the X50 doesn’t look half bad – not least because it supports an eye-catching back with the company’s signature reflective patterns etched into it; looking great in both colours but particularly the Jungle Green finish we

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