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Have you ever had your gun professionally fitted? Many shooters buy a new gun that ‘feels right’, or trust the gun shop’s assurance that it fits, and just go shooting. Perhaps you had your gun fitted when it was new and have shot it for years, confident that it’s right. Mark Heath, chief instructor at the West London Shooting School, says that’s not enough. He reckons you should not only have your gun fitted from the start, you should also have its fit checked regularly, and certainly when something has changed – perhaps if you’ve lost or gained weight, or your scores aren’t progressing as they should.

“Shotgun shooting is a hand-eye coordination sport, so it stands to reason that the better the relationship between hand and eye, the better the results will be,” Mark explains. “Once you’ve had your gun correctly fitted it can last for years, although with occasional checking with regard to changes in eyesight or build.”

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Rupert Haynes, Gunroom manager at E.J. Churchill 01494 883227 Mark Heath, Manager, Instructor and Gunfitter at West London Shooting School 020 8845 1377 Ed Lyons, Sports Vision Consultant www.e
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