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A year spent working from home with little or no travel has allowed us to adopt a slower pace in life, which (its name means “the new world” in Bahasa Indonesia), a superyacht that weaves through Southeast Asia’s spellbinding islands.

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Singapore Tatler4 min de lecture
Stomping Ground
For Culture Cartel co-founder Douglas Khee (pictured above), the originality and can-do attitude are just some of the aspects that he finds fascinating about street culture. “I was first drawn to music such as hip-hop and indie rock at age 16 before
Singapore Tatler2 min de lecture
Higher Ground
You can’t live without your Choos and Blahniks, and we don’t blame you. The right pair of high heels gives us a bolstered sense of confidence, and makes heads turn. But what if your high-heeled shoes and stilettos were causing you pain each time you
Singapore Tatler5 min de lecture
The Way He Moves
At first, it looks like an exorcism. Dancers from the ages of 16 to 64 convulse, writhe and gyrate in crisp shirtdresses and blood-red heels to the sound of Massive Attack’s Angel. Then come blurry flashes of shimmering dresses covered in vermillion