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The Rum Renaissance
RUM RUNS THROUGH modern Australia’s veins. In the colony’s early days, it was so prized that it became an unofficial currency (with predictably chaotic results), and Governor William Bligh’s unpopular attempts to curb the rum trade led to the Rum Reb
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We’d Love To Hear From You!
Do you have a precious object that puzzles you or a mysterious item that has been in your family for generations? Send your inquiry, along with a colour print or high-resolution digital image, your suburb or town, and your daytime telephone number, t
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How To Drink It
“I drink our spiced rum either neat or on the rocks. I love a daiquiri: that’s our Silver Spirit shaken up with fresh lime juice and sugar, and poured into a chilled glass. In winter, I drink hot buttered rum. Put a small amount of butter in a cup, a