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Implant will test castration option

Due to some behavioural issues I am considering having my three-year-old labrador castrated but I am worried what effect this may have on his working ability.

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Tech Specs
Configuration Over-and-under Action Boxlock Choke Multichoke (fixed chokes in 29½ in Trap model) Chamber 2¾in or 3in Barrel length Various, between 28in and 32in Ejector/non-ejector Ejector Safety catch Automatic or manual Weight (12-bore) 7lb
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The Problem: Hip Dysplasia
A good question and well done for admitting that you don’t know about it or understand what it is. The hip joints are at the top of the hind leg in dogs and are ‘ball and socket’ joints, so that flexion (lifting the knee up and forward), extension (m
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Shoots have been busy at the season’s end ‘catching up’ any excess birds. Despite the two lockdowns during the season in England, even tighter restrictions in the rest of the UK, and many cancelled days, shoots have packed in extra days and allowed f