TM Studio, an architects office based in Shanghai, China, has been reforming the surroundings of old urban areas through public projects since 2000. SPACE had an interview with Tong Ming, the principal of TM Studio, about

Changli Garden, a landscape project designed to improve the walking environment of old housing complex.

Kim Yeram (Kim): There have been numerous regeneration projects focused on rejuvenating public spaces in the old city centre, such as J-Homesquare (2019), Share-Living SPACE (2017), and No. 98 Zhongshan Road, Hangzhou (2008). How do you approach these projects as an architect?

Tong Ming (Tong): As an architect, we believe that our mission should not be to prioritise an objective approach, but to find and develop newfound potential in the environment. Typically, before our

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