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his ⅛-scale scratch-built model is the same type of plane Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared in 1937. Mark shares that he built the plane for his club’s winter building contest, starting by enlarging plans from an image he found online. The 83-inch-span model has split flaps and scale ailerons with

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Pro-am Prop Class
This ⅕-scale OV-10 Bronco has a 109-inch span, weighs 43 pounds and is powered by two E-flite 180 brushless motors turning 20x12 props. Based on the Hangar 9 ARF, Ali’s Bronco is controlled with a Spektrum iX-20 radio system that he used to earn a fi
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Pro-am Sport Jet Class
Powered by two Behotec 220 turbine engines, Henry’s 1/6-scale Su-30 has a 97 inch span and is 150 inches long. Built from a Skymaster kit, Henry’s Su-30 is equipped with a PowerBox Core radio system and has a 3-axis thrust vectoring exhaust system an
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Aileron/rudder Mixing Explained
As the name implies, adverse yaw is an adverse or unfavorable condition that, among other things, delays achieving solo abilities. Traditionally, until his or her skills improve, struggling and committing to many hours of practice before soloing has