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1 My tot frequently cries of a pain in her leg, particularly at night. Her pediatrician says it is growing pains. What can I do to ease the pain, because it is heartbreaking to watch her bear it!

It’s sometimes heartbreaking for a mum to see

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Top 10 Threats To Watch Out For!
When in the womb, your baby is safe and secure. Once you welcome her into your world, chances are the environment around would not warrant the same. From dust mites to air pollutants, pesticide-injected foods to degraded toy quality, all could potent
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Although her energy levels will be at an all time low this month, there’s no cure like some fun activities to lift her spirits. Give her puzzles or other mentally stimulating exercises to keep her occupied and engaged. All she needs is a little motiv
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Pelvic Floor Exercises
“It’s very common to leak small amounts of urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh after having a baby (and during pregnancy)—a condition called stress incontinence. It happens when your pelvic floor becomes weak both from carrying the weight of your b