American History


Besides working on Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, communications consultant Spencer Critchley of Boots Road Group counts the U.S. Department of Labor and others as clients. He contributes to national media outlets. His book Patriots of Two Nations: Why Trump was Inevitable and What Happens Next was published this year by McDavid Media.

The Founders thought they had created a new kind of nation based on Enlightenment reason—the civic nation. But there has always been a Counter-Enlightenment resistance, fighting for faith, tradition, culture, and ties to the land—the ethnic nation. The two nations live within different world views, with different ways of thinking and even

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Tubman On The Money?
A move to put freedom fighter Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill has regained impetus. Announced in 2016 by the Obama administration, the change from Andrew Jackson was sidelined under President Donald Trump. In 2019 Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, ci
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Evers Home a National Monument
In 1963, a Ku Klux Klan member assassinated civil rights activist Medgar Evers in the driveway of his modest home in Jackson, Mississippi. In 2017, the residence, on a 6,500-square-foot lot, was named a national monument, and in November 2020 establi
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In “Roadway to Realism” (December 2020), Daniel B. Moskowitz clouds his otherwise enlightening analysis of Louisville Railroad v. Letson and its impact on the federal courts. The court did rule corporations, for legal purposes, to be people, but the