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Arboreal Ambitions
WHEN Andrew Peters first encountered the 40-acre gardens at Armadale Castle on the Sleat peninsula on Skye, he was entranced. He found magnificent specimen trees from the 19th century, as well as woodlands and exotic plants from across the globe. But
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Good Week For
Images of ‘the tallest mallard duck to have ever lived' (probably untrue) went viral last week. ‘Long Boi', who lives on campus at the University of York, stands 2ft 4in high and is about to be given a degree The National Trust plans to ‘rewiggle' Go
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Meandering Paths Of Green
IT was on a mid-February morning that a westerly brought the first hints of spring. Since then, despite hesitancy and downright back-tracking—snow at Easter, a sheen of dew each April dawn—the hints have become a pledge, something to hang our hopes o