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Down to Earth

It was the late lamented Douglas Adams who put it best. “Space,” he wrote, “is big”, showing a mastery of the

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BBC Wildlife Magazine1 min de lectureBotany
Tree Hugger
Beautifully disguised among the dappled greens of the verdant rainforest, the Amazon wood lizard is a master of crypsis – remaining motionless, just its spying eyes swivelling in search of insects. Days tend to be spent vertically, clinging to shrubs
BBC Wildlife Magazine2 min de lecture
Your Photos
I was in Hawaii when I snapped this gold dust day gecko with a moth in its mouth. Another gecko attempted to steal the moth away, and a chase ensued. The pair shot away in a blur of green, up one side of a shed and along the eaves until the first gec
BBC Wildlife Magazine1 min de lectureBiology
WEIRD SCIENCE The Crazy Biology Of Cuttlefish
W-SHAPED PUPILS, which are thought to help control the intensity of light entering the eye. THREE HEARTS, two of which pump blood to its gills, while the third circulates blood around the body. BLUE BLOOD, so-coloured thanks to the copper-rich prot