What Hi-Fi?


is to be the driving force behind some project or other, you’re unlikely to make a success of it by taking a

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What Hi-Fi?3 min de lecture
Amphion Argon1
View offers Stereo speakers | £1200 | whf.cm/Argon1 A great-sounding pair of speakers is one thing – and the Amphion Argon1 certainly fit into that category – but what’s more impressive is when you can hear a company’s values with every note that is
What Hi-Fi?1 min de lectureTelecommunications
On Sale Now!
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What Hi-Fi?1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Headphone Amplifiers
View offers whf.cm/BBPhonoAmps August 2013 A top-class choice for amplification, but you’ll need a source and a pair of headphones of similar quality if you want the best from it. Inputs Line-in x3, XLR Outputs Line-out, XLR, 6.3mm headphone