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Standmounts up to £200

Dali Spektor 1 £159

March 2018

A small speaker that inherits all the Spektor 2’s good traits, pumping out an energetic and entertaining sound for an affordable price.

Size (hwd) 24 x 14 x 20cm Bi-wire No Finishes 2

“If you’re looking really small budget speakers, buy these”

Dali Spektor 2 £199

Best standmount speaker under £200, Awards 2020

The 2s combine Dali’s traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment that even Mission and Q Acoustics struggle to match.

Size (hwd) 17 x 28 x 28cm Bi-wire No Finishes 2

“The way these speakers handle dynamics is impressive”

Standmounters from £200 to £500

Elac Debut B5.2 £250

Best standmount speaker £200-£400, Awards 2020

ELAC’s latest budget standmounter is talented enough to worry the established competition.

Size (hwd) 34 x 18 x 23cm Bi-wire No Finishes 1

“These new Debuts should be considered one of the company’s finest efforts”

Dali Oberon 1 £349

February 2019

About the size of a shoe, these articulate and bold-sounding speakers have a wonderfully unfussy nature and are a joy to listen to.

Size (hwd) 27 x 16 x 23cm Bi-wire No Finishes 4

“Tonally, these are nicely judged and have a smooth treble that still has

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