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It’s more than a year since Hino announced a plan to launch its new 500-series GT 1528 4x4 model in the first half of 2020. Like its single-drive 500-series siblings, Hino emphasised that the new off-roader would be equipped with a wide range of beneficial features.

Ironically, Hino’s plan was announced at the August 2019 Australasian Fire and Emergency Services Authorities Council (AFAC) exhibition. Within a month, the Australian fire season ignited with catastrophic impact.

Years of drought, furnace-like winds and searing temperatures would, however, conspire to ravage much of Australia before the new Hino could lend a hand. In the interim, the superseded GT 1322 model and the vastly upgraded 300-series 4x4 light truck would do their parts with fire and emergency services operations to eventually douse the flames of a brutal six months on the national landscape.

But now, as another summer approaches and weather watchers keep a keen eye on climatic conditions, the effects of drought-breaking winter rains and indicators for higher-than-average summer rainfall are likely to create

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