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Q My husband and I are trying to conceive. Six months ago, my gynaecologist prescribed Fertomid tablets –which Iam still taking. How do I tell my husband, who is so delicate and aggressive, that the gynaecologist suggests he does a spermiogram? I don’t want to offend him!

The fertility journey is one fraught with emotional turmoil, fear and disappointment,

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Your Pregnancy4 min de lectureMedical
Hold Me Close
The first moments after birth are not only a beautiful and special time for bonding with your new baby, but also critically important to your baby’s development – so much so that some researchers believe what happens in the first hour can impact your
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Good Buy
The Thule Spring stroller is available in two frame colours – aluminium or black – and the canopies also come in a variety of colours. We love the Misty Rose Melange, pictured here. R10 999, Add on accessories such as colourful seat
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Sugar Problems
Have you ever wondered why you should start your pregnancy at a healthy weight if you’re just going to gain weight anyway? There are many good reasons, not the least of which is to reduce your risk of gestational diabetes. Vanessa Brown, diabetes spe