Your Pregnancy

Raise a READER for life

You’ve probably been buying books since before your child was born, because you know how important reading is to your child’s future. Even if you aren’t abig reader yourself, you still know that it is something you want for your child.


Many parents make the mistake of not reading to their babies when they are tiny, and then attempt to start when their toddlers become verbal. This is probably because we think our babies can’t understand the story anyway, so we should wait until they can. Then there is a rude awakening when your little busy body

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Your Pregnancy1 min de lecture
Good Buy
Made from a soft, light-weight, breathable rayon fabric blend, the MACCIE multi-use stretchy cover is a versatile must-have for new parents. Use it as a fitted car seat/pram cover to provide protection from sunlight, wind or light rain.
Your Pregnancy4 min de lectureMedical
Hold Me Close
The first moments after birth are not only a beautiful and special time for bonding with your new baby, but also critically important to your baby’s development – so much so that some researchers believe what happens in the first hour can impact your
Your Pregnancy1 min de lectureMedical
When Baby Is Unwell
To give my baby medicine, I simply put it in the teat of her bottle – no need to even attach the teat to the bottle. She sucks on the teat very happily as if it is milk. No spills, and the medicine goes down with ease. ESME LOUW Once the wound o