Diabetes Self-Management

Freely Movable Joints

oints are the areas in the body where two or more bones meet, keeping the skeleton together and helping to allow movement. They are configured to be supple but stable, consisting of cartilage (tissue that covers the bone), synovial membrane (which lubricates and encapsulates the joint), ligaments (tissues that connect bone to bone), tendons (tissues that connect muscle to bone) and bursas

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Diabetes Self-Management6 min de lecture
Diabetes Hand Disorders
You may have heard that diabetes can affect just about every organ system in the body. It can also affect a part of the body that you normally don’t think about—and maybe take a little bit for granted: your hands! We rely on our hands to do so many t
Diabetes Self-Management1 min de lectureMedical
Whether you’ve chosen to go the low-carb route or to incorporate carbohydrate foods in your eating plan, making sense of carbs can sometimes be tricky. Are they all the same when it comes to blood sugar management? And how do you choose “healthy” car
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Exercise For Beginners
It’s been said that exercise would be a wonder drug if they could put it in a bottle. It can prevent or even reverse heart disease and type 2 diabetes, fight depression and slow the progression of arthritis. For people who don’t exercise, the most ob