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Cosmic connection


The ideal outcome from this week is to have a really romantic weekend that ends with you and your partner deciding to commit

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Woman's Day Magazine NZ1 min de lectureBiology
Danny’s Heartwarming Plan For Daniel & Jade’s Home
He dropped almost $12 million in just a few hours during The Block’s auction finale. And while three houses may seem a bit greedy to some, IT millionaire Danny Wallis’ plan for one of his new homes certainly is not. Danny will donate the 1930s home
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Start Gratitude Journalling
Expressing gratitude increases oxytocins (the love molecule) and creates stronger connections and bonds. Journalling also has a long history of being used for greater clarity and wellbeing, and so combining the two is a simple recipe for better healt
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Christopher Plummer FAREWELL, MY CAPTAIN
He was one of Hollywood’s most prolific and hardest-working actors, who, at 82, became the oldest Academy Award acting winner in history. Yet Christopher Plummer, who passed away at the age of 91, was best known – and most loved by audiences – for pl