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Beginners/novices hands-on sessions are offered where members can learn basic techniques and skills. Needing to adapt to meeting virtually during the summer, we set up a series of challenges, geared more towards informal learning rather than competition. Competitions can be daunting for new members and by

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Amateur Photographer3 min de lecture
Picking The Lockdown
It took me three years after purchasing my first camera to point it at a stranger. I’ve been consistently pointing it at them ever since. I’m a people photographer. Persons are at the heart of my photography. When the coronavirus pandemic descended,
Amateur Photographer1 min de lecture
A Week In Phpotography
More and more photographers these days are venturing out after dark and pointing their cameras heavenwards to capture the millions of worlds that lie beyond our own. Many are tantalisingly invisible to the naked eye, but make spectacular photos if yo
Amateur Photographer2 min de lecture
Collectable Cameras
I read your article on collectable cameras (AP 30 January) with great interest. I’m 64 but got my first camera, an Agfa Iso Rapid 1, when I was about ten years old. Since then, with a few notable exceptions, all those I owned have long since disappea