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Artists & Illustrators4 min de lecture
Halla Shafey
Switching careers is never a decision to be taken lightly, especially when trading more than 25 years of experience as a high-flying professional for the unpredictable path of an artist. Yet a mid-life occupation switch was a risk that Halla Shafey w
Artists & Illustrators3 min de lecturePsychology
Paint with Purpose
Whether you are a painter, a printmaker or even a sculptor, gently instigating a regular drawing habit will feed your practice enormously. Quick sketches of anything around you, whether in your home or out in the environment, will soon show you what
Artists & Illustrators4 min de lecturePsychology
1. Colour Language
The language we use to describe colour affects our ability to represent it accurately. Take the robin redbreast [above] as an example. On many Christmas cards, the demonstrably orange-breasted bird is depicted with an eponymous red bib and most child