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Beasts Beyond Our Shores
One of Africa’s legendary Big Five, the Cape buffalo is an impressive-looking beast. Both sexes have horns and those of the bull grow from a thick boss on the forehead, drooping downwards and then curving back up to the tip. Mature trophy bulls may w
Shooting Times & Country1 min de lecture
How To Tell If Your Gun Fits You:
Are you experiencing pain or bruising in your face, shoulder or second finger of your trigger hand? Practising your mount in a mirror — are you having to adjust to align your eye over the rib? Closed eye gun mount — mount your gun on a ceiling corn
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Game Cookery
Back in the 1980s, when London had only a few good and authentic ethnic restaurants, we’d make a journey to south London to an Indonesian restaurant in Battersea that was run by the characterful Nancy Lam. The flavours of her food can only be describ