STRAPPING TAPE has many uses: reducing blisters, easing pressure points and repairing gear to name a few. It’s also effective at relieving pain you may experience while tramping.

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Your Trips, YOUR PIX
Get your photo published here to receive a $30 Silva Pocket Thermo Compass for accurate wayfinding and temperature-sussing. Learn more about Silva at e.ampro.co.nz. Last Weekend submission criteria can be found at wildernessmag.co.nz
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BARLOW HUT, Ruahine Forest Park
HERE’S A CHANCE to experience historical sites, enjoy a summer swim in some of the deeper pools of the Makaroro River, and enjoy the varied vegetation of Ruahine Forest Park. The old Yeoman’s Mill Site, the centre of a thriving native timber milling
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TAUTUKU HUT, Catlins Conservation Park
TAUTUKU HUT IS essentially a shed that was donated to DOC by ex-All Black and the local Skyline Garages franchisee Laurie Mains. Mains converted the garage and donated it to DOC to be placed in what’s known locally as ‘Sandys Clearing’ as a temporary