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Covering science at the moment brings mixed emotions. The daily influx of papers dealing with medical, mental, logistical and political issues around COVID-19 weighs heavy, but

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Cosmos Magazine2 min de lecture
We’ve Made More Than The Earth Has Grown
Among its other dubious distinctions, the year 2020 marked the approximate tipping point between anthropogenic mass and living biomass, scientists say. The Israeli team has calculated that the mass of human-made products exceeds that of all of the Ea
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Nature’s Body Armour
Abdallah Ghazlan and his team are working on a project that could see lightweight sections of their bio-inspired padding (a) fitted to the underbelly of vehicles deployed in war zones. Trabecular bone (b) has a porous, complex, lattice-like structure
Cosmos Magazine1 min de lectureBiology
Down With The (antibiotic) Resistance!
A team from Monash University, led by Fernando Gordillo Altamirano, has found a way to reverse antibiotic resistance in Acinetobacter baumannii by using phages to trick the bacteria into letting down their guard. Phages are viruses that target bacter