9 things you didn’t know about… WHY YOU CAN’T SLEEP

How often do you start the day feeling refreshed? If the answer is rarely, it’s likely you’re lacking quality restorative sleep. ‘The average adult needs seven to nine hours,’ says Dr Ranj Singh, Furniture Village’s sleep ambassador. ‘Some need less and others need more, but if you’re consistently tired, especially mid-morning, then you may not be getting enough sleep.’

We look at the most common, often surprising, causes of sleep deprivation, and the steps you can take

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Write to Suzie at Family Dilemmas, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP, or you can send an email with your personal problem to asksuzie@futurenet.com. You can also write to Dr Philippa, Linda and Susan at the postal address above or send them an email wit
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Q When my youngest daughter asked if she and her new partner could come and stay for a while, I said of course. That was three years ago and they’ve shown no intention of moving on. She has a full-time job and contributes by cleaning, shopping and co