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How to grow annual climbers

Sow most climbers in March, in order to allow as long a growing season as possible, and cosset them in a warm,

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Coming Full Circle
I write this in January, as the sleet and snow comes skirling down sideways between the house and the heavy-boughed yew tree opposite. Snow has bookended my life: the winter-long drifts of 1946-7 at my birth and now this fitful blast, coming and goin
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Trailing Bedding Plants For Containers
DICHONDRA ‘Silver Falls’ is a drought-tolerant plant with delicate, shiny, brilliant silver leaves, which trails elegantly. PELARGONIUM Ivy-leaved geraniums are a classic trailing plant, available in many different colours and forms. PETUNIA The
The English Garden1 min de lectureArchitecture
Ann is an award-winning writer and columnist for The Times who writes on a wide variety of topics including gardening, which has been a life-long interest. She pays a visit to Church Cottage on page 28. Rachel was raised on her family’s flower farm,