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THE collective noun for a group of hares is a drove, a band, a down or even a flick. We look forward

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Country Life1 min de lecture
Why Small Can Be Perfect
• An opportunity to use more unusual or interesting locations, including follies, chapels or mazes • Less pomp and ceremony, because smaller services and celebrations can be more informal • Personal touches you might never have attempted when invitin
Country Life1 min de lecture
Town & Country Notebook
1) For which Formula 1 team does Lewis Hamilton currently drive? 2) What is The Princess Royal's second name? 3) ‘No New Year's Day to celebrate, No chocolate-covered candy hearts to give away' are the opening lines of which pop song? 4) In which
Country Life1 min de lecture
Horticultural Aide Mémoire
Big shrubs in big pots can be very splendid, but complacency can mean they get unjustly neglected and lose vigour. This can be easily remedied. Clean out the surface of the compost of the inevitable weeds. Then carefully scrape away the top couple of