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THE Trees of Life

Downstairs from Tom Young’s home-based painting studio is the other place where the artist spends significant time: his “bonsai room.” There he keeps about 20 of the potted ornamental trees, the largest being no taller than 2 feet. “I move back and forth between my Japanese gardening and working on my art,” Young says, “and I see quite a connection between the two.”

A Growing Hobby

Young travels a good distance from his home in Regina, Saskatchewan, to reach the more rugged scenery portrayed in his art. “It’s about a 7-hour drive,” he says, “to get to

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Three-Value Notan Studies
These three notan studies of the photo reference for Rafting the Colorado (below) all have pleasing design elements individually. A simple cruciform composition with the intersection next to the raft in the lower right is enhanced with interesting di
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Searching For Spirit
In Sarah Yeoman’s electrifying paintings, Tangled Up in Blue (opposite) and I’ll Fly Away (page 72), we’re struck with a strong sense of energy and movement: The flight of the birds seems to shatter the air as their sweeping forms appear to dissolve.
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Meet the Artist
In 2013, Alisa Shea (alisashea. com) left an established career in health outcomes research in order to pursue painting full time. She currently works exclusively in watercolor and lives in Northport, N.Y., with her husband, two sons and an English b