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A Lyric Sensibility

Jean-Antoine Watteau (1684–1721) was the greatest French artist of his time and the immediate precursor of the Rococo movement that he inspired. He excelled at the genre he created, in which figures posture elegantly in Arcadian settings. These were paintings as light as a madeleine, frivolous except for two elements: Watteau endowed the subjects with an aching wistfulness, and he

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The Artemisia exhibition at The National Gallery, in London, which includes newly discovered personal letters as well as paintings, closed on January 24, but the exhibition catalog, Artemisia (National Gallery, London) is currently available. Learn m
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Before picking up your brush, be attentive to your body. Think about the relationship of the following warm-up motions to the art you’ll soon be making. Do the movements that feel good and safe for you: HEAD: Slowly rotate your head clockwise and co