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The fortunes of the Marocchi brand have waxed and waned somewhat in the UK, but since Viking Arms took on the distribution here in recent years its shotguns have moved back into the limelight. This is to be applauded as the brand has always produced guns that are well put together, shoot well and don’t make too great a hole in the piggy bank.

The company has been family owned for almost

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Sporting Gun
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Conservation Project
Conservation projects have also taken a major hit over the past year, with organised events postponed or cancelled. This spring we have, however, managed to get a few jobs done for my local wildfowling club. We have managed to do vital conservation w
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Back To Basics
Remind yourself of the basics that apply to all hand and eye coordinated movement sports such as tennis, cricket and golf. Remember your optimum foot position, to address the area of sky (or ground) where you wish to shoot the target. For most shoote