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Pandemic positives SILVER LININGS

“More and more people are wanting to connect back to their garden and are wanting to know where their food comes from”

Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can. When it came to thinking outside the box during the enforced restrictions associated with the global pandemic, Arthur Ashe’s words rang loud and true. The result was some great and positive outcomes born out of some otherwise bleak times.

When the enormity of the global pandemic started to become clear this time last year, many people’s lives changed overnight. Forced to reevaluate how we interacted with the world and the people in it, the resulting restrictions and lockdowns represented a stark shift in everyday circumstances for so many. But as the following examples prove, humans can be remarkably resilient and adaptive when presented with adversity.


For Pip team member Maude Farrugia and her partner

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