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Mortal Shell
While it’s no fun being a weird… thing with only a sliver of health in a world determined to kill you, possessing a hero’s dead body and wearing it like the most gruesome Halloween costume imaginable (that’s the ‘shell’ bit) gives you a fighting chan
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Final Fantasy Vii Remake Intergrade
DEV SQUARE ENIX / PUB SQUARE ENIX / ETA 10 JUN , Last year’s 10/10 reimagining of an enduring classic will make its way to PS5. The new-gen upgrade will be free to everyone who has already paid for the PS4 version, cutting loading times and presenti
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PS5 Hall Of Fame
This faithful recreation of FromSoftware’s classic not only does justice to the original’s design but it also proves to be one of the most accessible soulsbornes around. Bonus points are awarded for making full use of PS5’s hot new tech: the DualShoc