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Elevating the Ordinary

“I wanted to capture the magic I see in such ordinary moments and let the viewer experience them the way I do.
— Yael Maimon

It’s no secret that Israeli artist Yael Maimon loves cats. The vast majority of her paintings include one or more felines. Indeed, Maimon counts her cats among her closest friends—providing welcome company as she paints in her quiet studio.

It all began when the artist’s own cat was hospitalized at an animal rescue shelter. Maimon spent a great deal of time at the shelter during her pet’s illness and, even after he sadly died, she continued to volunteer. The longer she stayed, the more interested she became. “I was fascinated by the cases brought in, by the work of the vets and the medical books around the place,” says Maimon, who learned a lot from the experience. “I realized lots of

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