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Soil is amazing stuff that teems with microscopic life and provides oxygen, water and nutrients to keep gardens growing all year round. As the garden begins to wake up in spring, here’s how to keep your soil healthy, fertile and easy to

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We were sitting outside the Tresco Abbey cafe, drinking coffee, when a red squirrel jumped up onto our table and examined us closely. Then, deciding there was nothing to see of interest, Squirrel Nutkin bounced off. Not only did this impromptu appear
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Probably, it’s no surprise to learn that in these uncertain times we can see a rise in our anxiety levels. But what might be more surprising is that we can do something about it – by what and how we eat. ‘If our brain chemistry is right, it will wor
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3 Jobs To Do In The Garden
If you want a good crop of fruit over the summer, feed your plants now. Add a slow-release fertiliser to the base of fruit trees and raspberry canes. Now that there’s less chance of disturbing hibernating creatures, it’s time to check your compost an