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UNCUT2 min de lecture
WELCOME to a very special issue of Uncut, as we celebrate Bob Dylan’s 80th birthday. As you might imagine, it’s an event that we’ve been working towards for some time. In fact, rummaging through my inbox, I’ve found an email exchange with Tom Pinnock
UNCUT2 min de lecture
Strokeof Genius
IT’S the best kind of New York story. One that mixes impossible glamour with brief excursions to the wild side. That starts in a basement, and ends in huge acclaim. That features good-looking participants in a potentially dirty business. A story too
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Coming Next Month...
There are new records on the horizon from Hiss Golden Messenger, Lucy Dacus, Billy F Gibbons, Rose City Band and Damien Jurado, plus a very special collaborative album from master guitaritsts Marisa Anderson and William Tyler. Archivally speaking, we