History of War


Shrouded in mystery throughout the Cold War, the actual role of the spetsnaz in the Soviet armed forces was as vanguards for an invasion force. Being a special operations branch, however, meant their exact place in the Soviet army’s structure was hard to discern, but it was understood the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) controlled the training and deployment of spetsnaz anywhere. If comparisons have to be made, these spetsnaz had more

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For this issue’s Frontline, Tom recounts how the Cuban Revolution escalated from a small civil war to the focus of the a superpower showdown (page 12). Also this month he spoke with Korean War veteran Roy Mills (page 42). Researcher and historian St
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Mi9 Evasion Service A History For In Of World Escape The Secret War And Two
Author: Helen Fry Price: £20 Publisher: Yale University Press In her latest book, MI9: A History Of The Secret Service For Escape And Evasion In World War Two, Helen Fry tells the fascinating story of MI9, an almost forgotten branch of the Secret Se
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Turban Helmet
Originating in Ottoman Turkey in the Late Middle Ages, turban helmets had a bulbous appearance that imitated the folds of a turban. Early examples were conical in shape but they increasingly became more elaborate in design. Many of them also included