Why Native Americans Are Getting the COVID-19 Vaccines Faster

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is vaccinating its community at rates faster than the rest of South Dakota. That mirrors a trend in Indian Country which has been hard hit by the coronavirus.
Amanda Bordeaux, 36, gets her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine during a weekly mass vaccination clinic at the Rosebud hospital in South Dakota. Source: Kirk Siegler

Lila Kills In Sight lost her 81 year old mother to COVID-19 on November 23rd.

"I really don't know who to be mad at," she said. "Who do I take my frustration to, how do I deal with it?"

Kills In Sight, an enrolled member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe, is the first to say she's not dealing with it well. She had been keeping her mom sheltered mostly in her home in the remote community of Spring Creek as the pandemic raged in South Dakota. But in September she broke her hip. Then in November she fell.

"I had to make a really hard decision to take her to the hospital because I didn't know if there was anything broken," Kills In Sight said.

Her mom in so much pain, she felt she had no choice but to take her to the doctor in Nebraska, then later the Indian Health Service hospital in nearby Rosebud, South Dakota. She's not sure where they got infected, but they both

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