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Reunited Only To Say Goodbye
Clutching my wife’s hand as I sat beside her hospital bed, I searched her face for a flicker of movement. Though she was unconscious, I believed Karen knew that I was there, and I clung to that comfort. I hadn’t been able to see her during the seven
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Thinking Of Making A Change?
✣ Find out about different training programmes or apprenticeships available. ✣ Don’t shy away from jobs that you perceive as male-dominated ✣ Don’t be afraid to ask ✣ Assess your personality and transferable skills, and explore the opportunities ava
Woman's Own3 min de lectureMedical
Can’t Stop Snacking?
If you’re trying your hardest to cut back and shape up, it’s not helpful to have a hungry stomach nudging you towards the snack cupboard. But before you blame your pangs on an insatiable appetite, ask these questions to find the real cause of your cr