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Health Briefs
A link between paternal drinking before conception and birth defects has been found in Chinese research. Having collected data from more than 500,000 couples planning a pregnancy within six months, including the soon-to-be father’s drinking habits an
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Books of My Life
The actor and writer’s book of personal essays, TIMES LIKE THESE (Allen & Unwin, $36.99), is released on May 11. MY SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN, by Jean Craighead George: This book is as close to a Bible as I’ve got. I inherited a battered copy at nine, and
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In At The Deep End
Back in 2005, Justin Timberlake sought vocal training to deepen his voice as he transitioned from a music-focused to music-and-movies career. Why? JT is and was lauded for his singing, and the many posters of him (and his NSYNC buddies) on adolescent