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Trix Of The Month
It has become common for the front brakelight switch to come loose on older model KTM EXCs, which leads to the brakelight staying on. In the bush this is not a huge problem but, come rego inspection time, it will need to be fixed. Place a small dab
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine1 min de lectureAutomotive
Track And Moto Technique Practice
Techniques to work on while riding, one or two at a time! Use self-talk to maximise concentration. 01 Forward viewing and flowing lines to suit surface/berm and rut entry angles/jump face line selection (practice rough, flowing line when feeling str
Australasian Dirt Bike Magazine2 min de lecture
Resurrection Shuffle
Who wouldn’t want one of these fine beasts, especially after a trick one graced ADB’s cover just last June (#489). I was getting a tyre fitted to my KTM 300EXC and mentioned getting another, bigger two-stroke that I could restore. The bloke fitting t