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20-year-old woman declared dead at her Detroit home opened her eyes at a funeral home just as she was about to be embalmed. An ambulance had been called to the home of Timesha Beauchamp. For 30 minutes, paramedics attempted resuscitation without success, then consulted a doctor who, based on information given him by the ambulance crew, pronounced her to be dead. However, at the James H Cole funeral home, she was found to be still alive over an hour later, inside a body bag. “Our staff confirmed she was breathing,” said the funeral home, who called an emergency medical crew. Geoffrey Fieger, a lawyer hired by Ms Beauchamp’s family to look into potential

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Animal Antics
The mystery of an unexplained series of power outages across a small Scottish town has been solved after video footage revealed the cause to be starlings dancing on power lines. At dusk, the combined mass of starlings in a murmuration was found to be
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Four-minute Warning Ufo
During the Cold War the three radome golfballs at RAF Fylingdales on England’s North Sea coast became a sinister symbol of the dreaded ‘four-minute warning’. This was all the time the British government believed we would have from the moment its rada
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The Conspirasphere
It’s a characteristic of classic conspiracy theories that certain elements of them can be recycled to fit new theories as they arise: think crisis actors, baby-eating Satanists, or FEMA coffififin stores. One could say they are perennial tropes of th