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Protecting honeybush

In a recent disease survey of honeybush ( spp), the Agricultural Research Council (ARC) found symptoms of dieback, pruning wounds and young shoot infections. These cause slow growth and

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Farmer's Weekly2 min de lectureNature
Ostrich Prices Under Pressure At Research Farm Sale
Prices at the annual sale of the Western Cape Department of Agriculture’s ostrich research farm, held recently, averaged R4 500/head, which is lower than last year’s prices and not much higher than what farmers are currently achieving for slaughter b
Farmer's Weekly1 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Ivor Price
If you were given R30 million to invest in agriculture, either in new or existing farming activities or in the agriculture value chain, how would you spend it? I often daydream about farming, and perhaps one day I’ll own my own land. But I’d rather i
Farmer's Weekly4 min de lectureNature
An Endangered Bird Is Forgetting Its Song
Just as humans learn languages, animals learn behaviours crucial for survival from older individuals of the same species. In this way, important ‘cultures’ such as bird songs are passed from one generation to the next. But global biodiversity loss me