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Money Ball
In 2012, US insurance giant AIG reportedly paid about $80 million to have its logo on the All Blacks jersey for five years. There was widespread condemnation. Words such as “prostitution” and “betrayal” were bandied about; AIG’s cash was labelled “di
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Tyranny Of Choice
If my GP called me now and told me he had a spare Covid-19 vaccine, you wouldn’t be able to slide a bus ticket between “I have a spare vaccine” and “I’ll be there in five minutes”. Others might be more cautious, picky or even “vaccine elitist”. How c
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Countering Cancel Culture
That the Featherston Book-town cancelled a Harry Potter quiz because of JK Rowling’s supposed transphobia is the height of both stupidity and ignorance (“Off the guest list”, May 1). Shame on the organisers for not having examined for themselves what