The Art of Healing


I was in an emotionally abusive marriage and I didn’t even know it.! When everything fell into place and I had words to explain my normal’ my whole life changed amazingly and magically. My journey was long and tumultuous with multiple dark nights of the soul but what I found when I came out of the darkness was a life I had previously only ever imagined. Amanda Kate shares her story.

However right from the beginning, there was this small part of me that knew the relationship was not right, but the good girl, the people pleaser, the one looking for validation within me, screamed over my wise internal voice, shouting her down until the wise one became no more than an annoying irritation.

For years I thought my marriage was normal. We fought regularly and often. Relating to each other was nigh on impossible and our relationship was always hard. The insults and condemnations started slight and insidious, creeping in gradually over the years until they were the shaky

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